European services

ERP’s EuropePlus Package is for companies that manage operations in more than one Eu Member State 

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Do you place on the market in the EU products such as these?


Producers selling in the European Union face several extended producer responsibility and waste management Directives, giving them legal obligations in up to 28 Member States.

This translates into:

  • Different local obligations
  • Different local registers
  • Different local report formats
  • Different local deadlines
  • Different local fees
  • Different suppliers


ERP’s unique EuropePlus solution offers industry leading compliance services – simple and effective solutions in a complex regulatory environment. ERP’s expertise covers waste streams such as B2C & B2B WEEE; Portable, Industrial and Automotive Batteries; and Packaging.


EuropePlus Simple, trusted and co-ordinated compliance solutions for producers having obligations in several EuropePlus* countries.

  • Almost 100 compliance solutions through one supplier
  • Simple and clear quotation process through one co-ordination office
  • Clear, quick and smooth access to multi country contracts and national registrations for WEEE, Batteries and Packaging
  • Covering over 30 countries*: EU member states + Israel, Norway, Switzerland & Turkey
  • Straightforward compliance reporting and consolidated data exchange
  • Trusted multi-stream and multinational experienced service delivery


To find out more or receive a quote please contact us via email info@erp-recycling.org or fill out our Join us form

 * EuropePlus countries= 28 EU member states + Israel, Norway, Switzerland & Turkey