Retailers & distributors
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 What is a Distributor/Retailer?
A ‘distributor’ is any person that provides electrical equipment, electronic equipment, batteries and/or accumulators on a professional basis to an end-user. However, for the purpose of this page a distributor is referred to as a retailer.

Retailer WEEE Obligations

  • Any retailer that takes back WEEE must be registered with their local authority at a cost of €200 or with the Compliance Scheme (free of charge) responsible for their area Read more>>
  • All retail premises from which EEE is distributed or used for the storage of EEE prior to its distribution, must be registered, as above
  • A new requirement is that for retailers with an EEE sales area greater than 400m2 must take back small WEEE (less than 25CM) without any obligation on consumers to purchase a new item
  • All retailers of EEE must take back WEEE from private households free of charge and on a one for one basis in store and on delivery of new appliances. There is no time limit on take back in store
  • Retailers may no longer bring WEEE to Local Authority/Civic Amenity sites. It is mandatory for retailers to hand over all WEEE to one of the Compliance Schemes, ERP Ireland or WEEE Ireland, whichever operates in your area
  • They must ensure that the storage and transport of WEEE collected meets the requirements of the Regulations and terms and conditions of the compliance schemes collecting the WEEE
  • They must ensure that private householders are informed of the WEEE take-back facilities available to them and that they are encouraged to participate in the separate collection of WEEE
  • They must not sell electrical and electronic products from a ‘producer’ who is not in possession of a valid Certificate of Registration or a valid Certificate of Renewal of Registration from the WEEE Register
  • They must display the following sign at all retail stores, retailing EEE and batteries (including batteries incorporated into EEE) in a conspicuous position within 1 m of the point of sale of EEE (till) or where EEE or batteries are displayed. For Retailers selling EEE click here>> For Retailers selling EEE and batteries click here>>


Retailer Waste Battery Obligations

  • Retail outlets that sell batteries are required to take waste batteries similar in type to those they supply, even where the person depositing the waste batteries does not purchase a new battery. This service must be free of charge to the consumer
  • They must provide conveniently located, appropriate facilities for the collection of waste batteries
  • They must not sell batteries from a ‘producer’ who is not in possession of a valid Certificate of Registration or a valid Certificate of Renewal of Registration from the WEEE Register
  • Retailers must have their own specific information poster which must displayed on the premises telling customers that waste battery recycling is available. The poster must be placed in a conspicuous position, no more than one metre from the in-store battery display/ point-of-sale. For Retailers selling batteries click here>>